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  Structure of methylated DNA (the methyl groups are colored in green).

Welcome to the Jeltsch's Lab homepage

The research of the group focuses on protein and DNA methyltransferases and analysis and manipulation of DNA methylation. One main research aim is to understand the reaction mechanism and mode of action of different prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA methyltransferasese. We have long experience in enzyme design by rational and directed evolution approaches and succeeded in changing the target base and DNA sequence specificity of different DNA methyltransferases. Powerful methods of recombinant expression of enzymes are established. Enzyme characterisation is performed by sophisticated biomolecular interaction and transient kinetics methods. Using these methods we try to understand the catalytic and DNA recognition mechanism of various DNA methyltransferases and improve their properties for biotechnological applications.

More details about the research and publications can be found at the Albert Jeltsch's Homepage

Bioinformatic software
Prima   Prima can color structural models of proteins according to the mutational frequencies in directed evolution experiments.
DistriDist   DistriDist can extract the information about distribution of the query occurences in the provided sequence.
BDPC   Bisulfite sequencing Data Presentation and Compilation (BDPC) software can aid with the compilation, presentation, comparison and analysis of bisulfite sequencing projects.