DNA methylation analysis platform
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Bisulfite sequencing Data Presentation and Compilation

BDPC is an online DNA methylation analysis platform for:

  • BISMA: Analysis of primary bisulfite sequencing experiments.
  • Compilation and web display of methylation data.
  • Clustering of methylation data from different samples.
  • BISMA: Analysis of bisulfite sequencing experiments

  • Upload your bisulfite sequencing data from subcloned individual molecules.
  • BISMA has implemented a highly automated data processing workflow.
  • BISMA has implemented quality control filtering: sequence identity, conversion rate, gaps, clonal molecules.
  • BISMA detects the methylation pattern with enhanced accuracy.
  • BISMA analysis is fast and accurate.
  • BISMA offers analysis of primary bisulfite sequencing data from unique and repetitve sequences.
  • The result file of the BISMA analysis for unique sequences are compatible with the BDPC compilation software.

  • Compilation and web display of methylation data

  • Upload your amplicon based methylation data to compile large datasets.
  • Compare methylation of individual CpG-sites among different samples.
  • Extract data to office compatible files.
  • Get a fully interactive data presentation, that can be explored in the versatile sourrounding of the UCSC genome Browser.

  • Clustering of methylation data from different samples

  • Upload your compiled methylation data.
  • Prepare a clustered heatmap of these data.
  • Compare similarity among tissues.
  • Plot a hierachial clustering of sample methylation.